Mu Legend Is Designed With A Much More Elegant Look

As one of the most popular Mu gameplay in the world, it’s not hard imagine that the game are quite impressive. Mu Legend inherit the success of Mu Online game, it’s clear that Mu Legend still has a lot of elements that need to be innovated.

Mu Legend mostly revolve around missions and Dungeons, beside that automatically moving within the map area, gamers will have to manually manipulate completely without the Help of any automatically feature. Regarding Mu Legend more new information or guide, reference to here get more.

In Mu Legend, the skill of each character class possesses quite high versatility and has a “cooldown” mechanism that requires players to use multiple skills at the same time. This is sure to cause a lot of confusion for the players in the MU game, but this is probably a necessary change to make the gameplay of the game more lively and attractive.

While the character line of the game is also designed with a much more elegant look. The skill effect is probably the detail that the production team feels the easiest to develop, simply inheriting the grandeur and tactical effects inherent in the eye-catching original. Are you now anxious to buy Mu Legend Zen? Mu Legend is indeed attractive.

What’s more, Soul Level in Mu Legend is a form of potential point used to boost the character’s basic stats. These Soul Points can be obtained from doing quests or engaging in side activities, and in fact, it also affects the character’s battle power greater than the normal level.